Saturday, July 17, 2004

7/17 12 Hour Work Day

I went in to CSz at Noon and got home after midnight. It was a really long day, but I learned a lot. Lynna had me do everything, and overall I did fine. But I couldn't have done it if she wasn't there. So I hope I still work with her for a little while yet.
We were in the office first, answering phones, taking reservations, and preparing for the three shows of the day (3 PM, 7:30 PM, and 10 PM). We had to print out the lists, make signs and in general, get everything set. Then drive to the Clarion. It will be so nice when the new arena (theatre) is ready for the shows. No driving, and no being in a spooky place at night alone. After the 10 o'clock show got off to a good start, Lynna and I drove back to the office. The new building is so huge and so dark. But once the shows start there, the place will be full of people, and I'll just go back to the office area alone. I'll need to check if there's a way to close that part off, so drunk customers can't join me. Carrying money back there might make me look way too attractive, and I sure don't want that.
After we closed all three shows (I am getting used to the Mac, but not enamored yet), it was after 11:30. This weekend is Festa Italiana at the lakefront, and I got caught in horrible traffic and it took me longer than usual to get home. I'm marking this 11:59 PM, just so it shows the correct date, but actually I got home after midnight. I'm glad I can sleep in tomorrow.


Bron said...

Bless you Jer... you work hard...
Our show went fabulous.. and fun... and, well, then you know the rest

Jer said...

Yep... but just think, soon you'll be winging your way to the states, and Party Central. :)