Thursday, July 08, 2004

7/8 All's quiet on the northern front

Working was the highlight of my day. Nope, strike that. Talking to Kayla, Hunter and Jill was the highlight of my day. Kayla talked to me for a long time. They're coming to visit at the end of September and we spoke about that. Then she told me to bring my sleeping bag the next time I come to her house so I can sleep on the floor next to her bed.

She also said she was going to bring a lot of dresses to my house and have I seen her dresses. I reminded her I'd bought many of them. She asked how many. I didn't know of course so I just said "about ten." K then said, "You can't just start at ten, Grandma. You always have to start at one and count. Would you like me to help you?"

I laughed but said yes. We ended up counting to 30 together. Then she laughed and asked, "Do I have 30 dresses?" It was a great conversation.

Hunter got on and said, "Hi, Grandma. I love you. Bye." I guess that's pretty good coming froma 2-year-old, although he does usually say more to me.

Jill and I had a great conversation. She's such a great person. What a lucky mom I am.

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