Thursday, July 29, 2004

7/29 Last show at the Clarion

Tonight we did the final show at the Clarion, and tomorrow the first real show at the new arena.

I worked tickets at the Clarion by myself and closed the show at the office. The money balanced, and I remembered how to work the Mac. Felt pretty darn proud of myself.

The only downside to the job is that I enjoy the shows so much and hate to miss them. But that's life. The benefits far outweigh the downside--I'll get my workshops free, get a little extra money, hang out with fun people, have an alternative to sitting on my butt at home, and I'm learning more about improv. I really love performing, but have so much to learn. And CSz is the place to learn. I'm absorbing a lot just by watching and listening.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Friday "soft opening." It's for contractors and other workers and a few invited guests. I hope there's an extra seat for me. I'm going with my friends from the UK.

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