Thursday, August 12, 2004

8/12 Back to day-to-day stuff

After such a fun-filled raucus experience, it's hard to settle back into my regular routine. I've been working during the day and the last night and tonight just came home and crashed. Watched TV, read, and played online Scrabble.

This weekend, since I've not been scheduled at CSz, I'll get some stuff done around the house, including my website and working on the novel(s). It's been in the 60s the last several days but should warm up over the weekend. If so, I'll swim--I love to swim and find it very relaxing.

The LA CSz team is planning their WC for next summer and I'm already jazzed. Hope I can arrange to go. I'm addicted to the CSz online's an easy way to stay connected to the folks, plus they make me laugh.

Am looking forward to Fantasy Football which begins shortly. That's always fun.

My sibs are all getting together in Quincy this weekend, and I can't attend. Have spent all my money, as usual. If gas prices go down it will be easier for me to do the 12-hour round trip. I've cut up all my credit cards, otherwise I'd go anyway. But now I'm only relying on my debit card, and that's a fascinating experience. Living within my means is a situation I'm not used to. I've always spent much more than I make, even though I make a good salary. Now it's caught up to me. So rather than lying awake worrying about money, I've cut up the cards. Don't get to have as much fun as I used to...but I'm sleeping better.

Okay, I'm lying. I am having as much fun as I used to. Just am not spending money.

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