Wednesday, August 25, 2004

8/25 The travel bug is calling

Wish I knew how to make a link here... okay, I think I figured it out. I've just been back in the states a little less than three months and I'm ready to go again. Have you read about my UK and European Adventures? I'm going to try to post the journals from my trips to Japan, Australia, and New Zealand as well, but I don't have the hang of developing my website to its full potential. But it will happen.

My friends in Ireland and the UK keep saying to come visit. Oh my--where will the money come from? I know I can swing it, but I have to come up with a PLAN (yes, it must be in capital letters).

Oh, and there's the pesky notion of not having enough vacation time. Hmmm!

Hey, the good news is that my foot is feeling a lot better today and I'm hardly limping. Hooray!

I need to change my avatar at the ComedySportz site. A friend said it scared her because I look like her mother-in-law. Made me laugh. And I've come up with a nom de plume when I write outside of the mystery field--Lanny Jude Ferris. A friend came up with it. It's an anagram of Jerilyn Dufresne. I'm thinkin' that it's very cool.

And here's the thing you guys--I know lots of you are reading this, because you tell me, in person, via phone or by email. But the only one who comments is good ole Bron from the UK. Could it be because I comment on her blog as well? Dunno. But anyway, I just applied to Google to be allowed to have ads on my website and I can make a little money that way. But if they see no comments, then I doubt if I'll be approved. Anybody want to help me out? Thanks. Jer


Anonymous said...

Consider this an official comment! Hope every little bit helps.

Jer said...

This is an official thank you. :) But next time let me know who you are.... You don't have to sign up at Blogger, you can just put your name in the comment itself. But I do appreciate it. Jer

Bron said...

i dont want you to visit.... where did you get THAT idea?? hehe ;)
Have you sent your blog address to my CSzers? Esp Vicki and Pij

Jer said...

It was Sandra from Dublin who said I should visit. So there. :) Plus every other person I met while in the UK. What makes you think you're my only friend there? (Oh, I told you that, didn't I?)

Bron said...

they were all lying....



Vicki said...

No we weren't we love you Jer. Please come back to us!

Jer said...

Thanks, Vicki. I knew that you would be kind to me. Unlike your illustrious leader. :) I miss you too. Wish I could just hop on a plane for the weekend. Love ya. Jer

Anonymous said...

Okay, Lanny--here's a vote for ads-for-you.
geP (NOT-from-Texas)

Jer said...

Thanks, Florida Peg. Good to see ya. Hope the big storms are missing your home. Jer

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jer--won't know until the end of the week, but we have plenty of chocolate, so we're ready.
We'll be thinking about you tomorrow.
Fla. Peg