Tuesday, August 24, 2004

8/24 Sitting on my big butt

Didn't realize how much I walk around everyday until I can't do it. I'm bored with sitting. But I'm lucky...

And the pain is a little less today than yesterday. So that makes me REALLY lucky. Perhaps it'll be totally gone by Friday and I won't have to have the MRI. Yeah, that'll work.

CSz workshops start again September 21. They've combined 103/104 into one class, but that'll be fine. I don't mind re-learning some stuff. Plus it's a different instructor than I had last time. Should be fun.

I'm not going to our summer practice tonight. Was supposed to teach a class on music and singing in improv, but since I can't get up and dance around I'm going home to the aforementioned recliner.


Bron said...

who is your instructor this time?

Jer said...

Bill is the instructor for 103/104. Bogan is for 102 and Dylan for 101.