Saturday, August 28, 2004

8/28 Calls from Japan and Los Angeles

Rob and Beata called me last night. That was the best thing that happened all day. Rob said he's trying to schedule the Board for next week, and the Board will determine when they get to move back to the States. I've got my fingers crossed.

Jill, Kayla and Hunter called today. Todd was riding motorcross and they were at the track watching. They got in the truck to escape the noise and called. It was a nice surprise, especially coming so close to Rob and Beata's call. In Kayla's words, "You're a lucky bug, Grandma."


Anonymous said...


I know this is posted on the wrong topic, but I wasn't sure if you go back and read previous comments.

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Jer said...

It's through, David. They are now part of the Google family of companies. You can find out more information at

It looks like you don't use blogger for your blog however, so I don't know how it would work. Anyway, you can go to the site and check it out. I'll read yours in a few minutes over my lunch break.... Jer

Anonymous said...

I see. Actually, I was looking for some possible advertising for my actual website (which is only partially up and running right now). But thanks for the info!

Jer said...

Sorry about that, David. Wish I could have helped. I doubt if I'll get approved anyway, because there's probably nothing an advertising could want from this stream-of-consciousness stuff. There's not focus on any one or two particular subjects which is what they would want. And once you get advertising, you can't ask anyone to click on the advertisers, because that's fraud--since you get paid per click. Jer