Wednesday, August 04, 2004

8/4 More fun

Bill promised to blog about the WC, but he lied. When I left he and Betse were still partying. Last night I got home at 11:30, tonight 1. (I'm writing that this is 11:59 just so it posts for Wednesday.) Tomorrow scares me.... maybe I'll bring a pillow and just crash there. Wow, what fun. I hate to talk about it too much because I don't want you to feel bad, but what the hell--it's been awesome so far. All the actletes are talented and fun. The liquor and food are good. The workshops rock. And I love flirting with the young guys...omigod I love Nate (and others). Betse and Jenny make me want to re-think my sexual orientation--they are so gorgeous. Portland people indeed rock! But everyone's cool. I'll just mention some of the forum folks.... David (from Indy) and I did talk about writing as we promised, but things are moving so quickly that we haven't had much time. I did notice that he's not lacking for company though, so that's cool. He'll get the first bound galleys of his book soon, so that's big news. Jill Bernard performed her drum machine last night and it was awesome. She's amazing. I had lunch with the LA team yesterday. They are so neat too. My daughter lives out there, so I'm sure I'll visit their arena soon. The UK and Dublin teams are awesome. Their accents lend a cosmopolitan air to the WC (hee hee). Everyone knows I already love the UK team. Last night at the scrimmage Pij did a super American accent. Enough. I need to get ready and get back down there. My fee ACHE! But luckily my head doesn't. I know lots of people won't be able to say the same. I shouldn't mention names because I'm leaving tons of cool people out, but damn I'm tired. I didn't drink tonight until right before I left when a bartender said, "Jer, I'd love to make you a killer Russian." I told him I was out of money (having bought way too many shirts), and so he bought it for me. Wow, was that puppy good! And I am blogging, but because I'm so tired, I'm copying and pasting this note from the CSz forum to my blog. Cheating, but tough! Nighty-night, Jer

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