Thursday, August 26, 2004

8/26 Paying off

All ths lazing about is paying off. The foot pain has lessened considerably, and my Scrabble game has improved. There's usually a bright side to everything.

Go to 3M and click so they donate more money for Breast Cancer research. This is one of the legitimate enterprises. Please help. (You know me, I'm always checking for urban legends, scams and rip-offs, so you can trust me on this.)

Will the Olympics ever end? Doesn't seem like it, and I'm ready for some regular NBC shows. Yet, I'm ambivalent...I dearly love watching the O, and NBC has done a super job this year. I love the little box in the corner that says things like "Marion Jones in the long jump in 16 minutes." It's great...I can do a load of laundry, empty my dishwasher and be back in time to watch something I want. Or more likely, I can play a quick game of online Scrabble. (Who am I kidding? I only empty the dishwasher as needed....)

Finally got my counter fixed on my website. When I first installed it, I inadvertently connected it to the one on the host site, so it was in the millions. Yeah, right. Then I asked that it get changed so the one million was off, but realized that even 150,000 was way too much. Must have had delusions of grandeur. But I checked my statistics at the hosting site and found out that I had over 54, 500 hits. That's awesome for just being online since mid-January. It helps to have lots of relatives. I'm sure the numbers will slow down now that I'm no longer in the UK. My blog entries are mundane rather than exciting. Hence, the title.


Anonymous said...

Jer its Jools,yea, diary on line like it remind me not to get into yer bad books.


Jer said...

Hey, Jools, it's good to see you here. All the way from the UK. Ain't technology amazing? :) Don't worry... I tend to not post nasty things about people. That's the downside to blogs; you can't post your innermost thoughts. See ya.