Sunday, August 08, 2004

8/8 Recuperating, or trying to

I spent most of the day either lying in bed watching TV, or in my recliner watching TV. It felt so good to do absolutely nothing. Maybe I played a few games of online Scrabble, I can't remember.

By the way, online Scrabble is free and AWESOME. It can be found at (ISC stands for International Scrabble Club. You choose the language you want to play in, register and off you go.) You can choose to play short games or long games, doesn't matter. When I'm in a hurry I play 5 minute games with people. Stressful, yes, but fun. I'm hoping Rob and Beata sign on from Japan. My son and d-i-l both love playing Scrabble and when I visited them, we played a lot and all three of us are comparable players.

I signed on to the CSz website (for players and managers) and the place is buzzing with talk of the WC (world championship). What a memorable week. Putting faces to the names was fun, and getting to know people better was aces. I especially enjoyed the many hugs I received (and gave). Oh, and at the awards ceremony I won Miss Congeniality. How cool is that!

Plus the workshops were so enlightening. I attended a three-part music workshop with James Bailey of LA. He doesn't allow auditors... everyone needs to participate, so that was an added bonus. I LOVED IT! He's so affirming and positive, but does give excellent feedback on things you need to work on.

Attended a workshop by Milwaukee's Eric Price. As a performer he's one of my comedy gods, so I learned a lot, but most of the time I felt like I was in over my head and shouldn't have been in there. Well, them's the breaks I guess.

I cherished the past week...

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