Thursday, August 05, 2004

8/5 Tired from laughing so much

(I just copied and pasted what I posted on the CSz forum, am too tired to write any original stuff. Hope to get back to my regular blogging after tournament. Got home at 2:15 AM.)

Spokane is another great team. I met Will, Caleb and Gabe when they registered on the first day and I personalized their water bottles. (Nope, it's not a euphenism for anything else. I really personalized their water bottles.) It was so fun to meet the guys behind the avatars. At scrimmage and in workshops all three of them make me laugh. (Congrats on the poker win.) And "That Tod" is such a stitch. In two different games, he hardly said a word but both times had me guffawing. Speaking of guffawing--okay twittering--Andrea from Indy takes the cake. She has the most unusual laugh and is a great one to have in any audience. Met Todd and Jack from DC--nice guys with loads of experience. Bought their CD--Yes And--but won't be able to watch it until after the tournament. Looking forward to it. Had lunch with Matthew Wheeler from Richmond. What a great guy, and such a physical player. Whenever I saw a body flying across the stage it was usually his. Love to watch him play. I want to make sure I mention all the folks who post in the forum. (No way can I mention all 100 participants.) Stephen Bennet from Texas is a great guy and cracked me up when I looked through the door to the arena and saw him festooned in boa and wig. Wish I could have seen their match. Unfortunately during the shows I'm working some of the time, so I can't even say if they've performed yet. Thursday night during the Euro vs the US show, I did get to sit and watch with Bron's mum. There was some serious crossing of the legs on my part as I laughed so hard I was losing control....but didn't dare leave for fear of missing something. One of my favorite parts was when the Milwaukee team had to use specific British accents and the UK team members each had to use an accent from a different state. The matches started late because of an unfortunate reservations snafu. So when the last match was over it was about 12:30 or so--I'm not 100% sure of the time because I forgot to look. But then Portland's Screaming Meemies put on a superb rock opera. They had three special guests from LA (James, Mark, and Lauren). Called Happily Ever After (I think), Betse and Nate were betrothed rugby players. Really funny stuff. I didn't get to stay afterwards to congratulate everyone, but I did talk to a few of the players on my way out... It's amazing that the roof doesn't explode off the top of CSz...there's so much talent in that building. I attended Parts 1 and 2 of James Bailey's music workshops and he rocks! I've loved singing all my life and it's such a riot to learn more and to play with others in developing my improv skills in that area. He's very affirming of everyone in the class, and is such a talented teacher. We were all begging for more, so he's going to teach us Part 3 Saturday. Can't wait. Guess that's it for now. PowWow is late today, which is very cool by me. I look at all the young players and remember when my body could survive on no sleep, alcohol, nicotine, and flirtation. Alas, no more. More later on other players... Your roving and tired reporter, Jer

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