Wednesday, September 13, 2006

9/13 Whew! I did it!

Last night was so much fun (for me, anyway). MJ and her friend Rachel were there, and Debbie brought 15 or so people (including her son Steven and four of his friends).

Without sleep and with nerves aplenty, I sat at the bar drinking a coke, knowing I'd go first since I've only been doing this about a year and a half or so. And I was pleasantly surprised. First of all, there were 10 comics instead of the 5 I expected. That was cool, because I enjoy hearing new people and watching their styles.

Met Jen Kober in person for the first time. She's EXACTLY like I pictured her--adorable and hilarious. She is so sweet with a wonderfully bawdy sense of humor.

So comics were told they each got six minutes, I got a little panicky. I'm not good at changing my set on the fly, although I know it's a necessary skill. But I'm so proud that I was able to cut down my 10-12 minutes to 6 or so. Don't know exactly because Jen told me not to worry about it.

Now that I have my set organized into "categories" it'll be easy to make adjustments.

Anyway, insted of going first, I went fifth--a very respectable placing. Outside of Jen, my two favorites were Bob Bledsoe (watch for him, he'll go places) and omigod I forgot her name--a beautiful young woman who did some funny sports announcer bits.

I think I did okay. Went too fast when I thought about time. Some sure jokes didn't get the laughs I expected, but I'll own that--if something is funny everywhere else, it's probably my delivery. Also, I do need to adjust for different audiences--LA is different than LV is different than Milwaukee is different than Quincy.

It didn't seem that the head of development for Comedy Central was there after all, but Adam Carolla's producer was. :) Funny guy, drinking lots at the bar, but his hearty laugh could be heard through everyone else's. Every comedian needs an audience member like that. :)

Jen is awesome and we're scheduled to work together again in La Crosse, WI at the end of the month. I can't wait! Thanks so much, Jen, for your kindness and for making me laugh my ass off.

(Thanks, Debbie, for bringing your posse and making them mine.) And MJ, I can't begin to tell you how much it meant to me that you came from Milwaukee to see me. Love you both.)


Hummingbird said...

Jer, so glad it went well. I so admire you and the work you've done to get to this place in your comedy career!

Hang in there... and enjoy it. That's the main thing. Enjoy it.

Cindy said...

sounds like you had a blast, and it was very nice of your friends to be there and pack the house for you. So glad you will have this memory. See you soon.

anne frasier said...


Jer said...

I definitely am enjoying it, Nancie. At my age, you don't know how long anything will last, so I'm smiling.

Jer said...

Thanks, Cindy. Can't believe that the wedding is so close. It'll be great to see everyone.

Jer said...

Succint, anne. :)

Beata said...

Mom, congratulations on doing so great! I am sooo excited for you and also proud!!! I only wish to be there and see your performing. I love you and miss you so much!

Jer said...

Miss you too, sweetie. We'll be together soon at Craig's wedding, and that will be fun.

Bron said...

so proud of the Jer!

Jer said...

Thanks, Bronnie.