Tuesday, September 26, 2006

9/26 More on the wedding

This is stolen from my sister-in-law, Cindy, with her permission (guess it isn't really stealing then). Plus she stole my words "family anthem" so I guess we're even. :) Thanks, Cindy.

We had a very busy weekend with the events surrounding the wedding of our nephew, Craig, and his new bride, Megan. (picture) We broke the drive going there up by staying the night on the Indiana/Ohio border. (our hotel was in Ohio, and we ate dinner that night in Indiana, so I am not kidding about it being on the border) We only had a few hours to drive the next day, so we hit the mall in Richmond before heading out toward Granville, where the wedding was to be held. After checking in, and grabbing some lunch, we got ready and headed to the Granville Inn where most the family was staying, for the rehearsal. It was a drizzling on and off, so the rehearsal was held on a covered patio. The Inn was something to see. It reminded me a lot of the mansions on our Maine Street here in Quincy. The town of Granville has been maintained to a reflect its early history, and reminded Joe and I of a picturesque New England town. After the rehearsal we headed out to a farm that belongs to a friend of Megan and Craig's for a very relaxed, laid back rehearsal dinner. It was just how you'd think a fall evening should be spent with family and friends around. Jim and Karen got in a little later than most of us, but made it out to the farm, and it was good to see them after so long. I enjoyed the evening, and was not nearly as cold as I thought it might be. Saturday we got to sleep in a little and we headed back down the road to tour the town shops, hit the farmers market, and have lunch with a good portion of the family. It wasn't a beautiful sunny day, but the rain held off, and we enjoyed the early part of the day before we had to head back to the hotel and get ready for the wedding. Unfortunately (depending on who you ask) the rain started coming down just before the wedding was to start, but we were all fortunate that Mrs. Laura Bush will be visiting the Inn this week, so tents had been put up for her event, and they allowed Craig and Megan to use them for their wedding. So we were dry and warm, and had the music of raindrops falling on the roof throughout the service. Craig(naturally) provided the comic relief when he was 'attacked' by a spider and did some sort of happy dance to get rid of it, before preceding with his vowes...it was endearning, and SO like Craig. It was a beautiful wedding, and I cried to see one of my 6 originals (nieces and nephews on my own wedding day) begin his own marriage and family. We all moved inside the Inn to the most beautifully decorated room I have ever been in for a reception. It made me feel like a princess(ok, a really OLD princess) There were wonderful Hors d' Oeuvres prior to our meal, and an open bar. Once the bridal party were done with pictures and arrived the dinner was served, and it was wonderfully prepared, and we had several items to choose from. (I, not surprisingly, sampled them all) After dinner the party began, and we had a great time. I laughed so hard so many times, and had a great time. The highlight of the hilarity came when the Bozarth siblings decided they would 'serenade' Craig with their version of "Thank God I'm a Counrty Boy" (sort of a family anthem) and Jimmie did a psuedo strip tease, with a mini lap dance for Craig included. Jim always said he'd get Craig back for dancing on a table in his boxers at his wedding, and Jim had talked about the boxers he bought for the big 'pay back', so he could not pass up this opportunity, even though he said he really hadn't intended to follow through with his 'promise' of revenge. Craig laughed his butt off,(picture) and the look on Megan's face in the crowd was priceless...she had the perfect "O" mouth, and a smile in her eyes. Now the newlyweds are off to Bar Harbor, Maine for a wonderful honeymoon, where Craig says (in true Craig fashion) they will be having some wonderful lobster meals, do some whale watching, and where HE plans to make a baby! (I hope Megan is in on this plan too) Best Wishes to our Newlyweds for a lifetime of happy days.

(I tried to upload some pictures but couldn't. Will try later.)

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