Thursday, September 28, 2006

9/28 Busy, bizzy, bizzy

Yeah, I've always thought "busy" should be spelled "bizzy." Enough about that.

Last night's BroadMinded rehearsal was fun. We did a lot on Jesus and the Women and I think it's going to rock. Plus Megan and Stacy worked on the Hunters. Made me laugh. Then we practiced my sketch--Charity at Home. It's good too. Lots of fun new ones this time.

Great news for some of our troupe. Melissa was promoted into the pros at ComedySportz and starts immediately. We're all so happy for her. She is both talented and nice. Anne is already a pro so 1/4 of us are in the professional players. Very cool. And Megan made the Conservatory at Second City in Chicago. It'll be a lot of work for her, but she's so good, I know it will be worth the work.

Tonight I will be working at home because tomorrow a photographer will come and take pictures of the inside of my condo while I'm at work. So many things to hide. But my closets are already full from when the realtor came. Gosh, I'm a mess. But not too messy because the cleaners came Monday, which meant I had to stuff things in the closet so they could clean.

I just want the sale to get done so I can quit worrying about it. Signed a form that said I didn't have to be at closing, so don't have to wait around for that, which is cool.

Kayla, Hunter, and Jill called me this morning. Kayla first and I loved it. Really miss talking to her since she's in first grade now. Also loved the fact that I could hear Hunter in the background saying, "I want to talk to her. I want to talk to her." Of course then I talked to my own baby, Jill. She is really something. Lucky indeed.

Beata's blog today talked about how happy they are that I'm coming to NC. So sweet--Rob too. I feel very blessed.

And my brother Joe's blog detailed two more birthdays. We must have had at least a hundred of them this month. (Only slight exaggeration.)

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