Friday, September 29, 2006

9/29 Changes in resignation date

We changed my last date from the 23rd to Friday, the 13th. (Cue spooky music.)

I offered the option to my boss because the following week I'll be in Oshkosh all week at Red Cross Training. I don't have vacation time left to cover it, so I'm not getting paid anyway, and it seemed like a better idea than coming back in for one day on Monday the 23rd. Didn't make sense.

I won't be getting paid by the Red Cross for the training either. Why? Because I don't start with them until the 23rd. This training had already been set up when I was a volunteer, and some of the courses are pre-requisites for being hired. Luckily it's all free, including lodging. I just have to pay for gas and one meal a day.

So two weeks from today is my last day here at CPI. Plus that's the performance day for BroadMinded, which is great and will stop me from feeling any loss at leaving here.

Will stay home tonight and veg a bit. I've been feeling stressed, so instead of getting work done, I'm going to totally relax. Then all day tomorrow I'll work on the house. Hopefully we'll have some interested parties coming through soon.


Beata said...

Mom, I know how stressful this whole thing must be, but just relax. Soon it will all be over and you can enjoy your new life (with us). :-)

Jer said...

thanks, sweetie. I'll talk to you this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi! my name is kellie and i am a friend of rob and beata's. we met them in okinawa. i got to your blogg through rob's special forces ink page,i have so enjoyed your personality and true zest for life.and i wanted you to know (which i am sure you do) how very special rob and beata are. we feel an everlasting connection to those two!they are so sincere, truly caring people, with hearts of gold! my husband just deployed for a year and the kind words they have sent have meant so much, a sorce of support that i know is raised a terrific guy, who married a wonderful girl!thanks...kellie

Jer said...

You are so sweet, Kellie. Rob and Beata are blessed to have friends like you.

I appreciate your kind words.