Sunday, September 24, 2006

9/24 A perfect wedding

Despite the rain, it was a perfect wedding. Laura Bush is visiting that hotel in a few days so they've set up huge white tents on the front lawn--perfect for Craig and Megan's wedding.

The service itself was short, but beautiful. Craig provided comic relief by swatting a spider from his neck during the event. The programs were fun--one side contained the program, with beautiful classical music played by a string quartet. The other side sported a funny cartoon strip about how the couple met. It was drawn by my nephew, Adam, who unfortunately couldn't make it to the wedding since he just relocated to NYC. But everyone appreciated the work he did.

After the wedding we went right in to the dinner, which was tasty and filling. Then the partying started. The open bar provided fuel for the comedy that ensued. So many highlights. The beauty of all the dads dancing with their daughters, and then all the moms dancing with their sons. I really missed my own kids at this point.

Thirteen years ago when Craig was 16 he stripped to his boxer shorts and tie to dance on a table at Jim and Karen's reception. So Jim (the youngest and the biggest of us) told Craig he would get back at him. All day he hinted at what was to come. The funny part is that he had no plan but just wanted to make Craig nervous. Well, someone came up with the bright idea of Jim and several of us sitting Craig down and serenading him with Thank God I'm a Country Boy--one of our family anthems. As we did it, Jim ended up pretending to do a strip tease and lap dance for Craig. Omigod, we laughed so hard. Jim just unbuttoned his shirt, but that was enough. It was perfect. I whispered in Craig's ear, "Revenge is a dish best served cold." I don't remember who first said that, but it sure fit here.

We had a marvelous time--dancing, drinking, eating, laughing. Wish it could have gone on forever. This morning it was difficult saying goodbye to everyone. I'm still homesick.

Jan gave me a ride to the airport on her way to Craig and Megan's to watch them open presents. I was invited but had so much work to catch up on for tomorrow.

The honeymoon couple are leaving tonight to drive to Bar Harbor, Maine. Jan and Tim are taking their friends, Pam and Randy, and driving to Niagara Falls. Pam and Randy have never been there. Sounds like fun.

As for me, I'm going back to Milwaukee to find a real estate agent and sell my condo.


Kelly said...

Thanks for posting in your blog all weekend. I've been checking in every day to keep up on all that as going on. I felt a little deserted with Todd being out of town and then most of the rest of my family too. So by reading your blog of the events, I felt a little bit like I was there. Sounds like a good time was had by all. I'm anxious to see all the pictures and video. Have a safe trip home and good luck with the condo selling!

Jer said...

Thanks, Kelly. We sure missed all five of you. But we had to be content with Blake and Tyler to spoil. They were so well-behaved by the way. And they sure got a lot of attention from everyone. And I can't wait to see the pictures either.

Cindy said...

It was a beautiful EVENT. I had fun all weekend. The wedding, though rainy, was soothing with the string quartet and the cadence of the rain on the tent. I hope their married life is as calming as their wedding was. The reception...the classiest ever! Great food and drink. And what fun! I laughed so hard so many times I lost track, with Jimmie's psuedo strip tease being the highlight. We have a picture of Craig laughing so hard he looked about to bust. The Davey's and The Smith's sure put on a grand affair. (and it is always fun to hang out with family when the occassion arrises. Who wants to get married next?