Tuesday, September 05, 2006

9/5 The saga continues...

Last night's rehearsal was easy on me because we just sat and talked through some new ideas. Tonight, there's Open Improv though and I think I should skip it because right now the old back isn't feeling too well. It's just from sitting all day. My sis said I should stand and walk a lot because sitting was harder on the back. Boy, that's a true statement.

Last night I was at a Barnes and Noble with my computer (because they have wireless internet). I finished the work I was doing so I started playing online poker. One table, turbo, no-limit, Hold'em. I almost always come in first through third in this type of game. There were three of us left and I heard a voice, "The mall will be closing in ten minutes. Our store will close then also." Oh no--I ended up just having to bet on nothing, and finished third two minutes before they kicked me out. Good timing. But I would have won a lot more in first or second place. (Talked to my brother, Joe, while I was playing. That was cool.)

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