Wednesday, September 06, 2006

9/6 My friend

Just had lunch with my friend, Mary Jo. She's in BroadMinded with me.

She's got business in LA, so arranged to go at the absolutely perfect time so she could see my performance in Hollywood next week. In fact, we're flying out on the same plane. Nifty.

At lunch I helped her sign up for MySpace. She's an actor, and this will be good for her. Just as comedians and musicians use MySpace as a marketing tool, so do other artists and actors. So we had a fun lunch.

I'll also see her tonight at BroadMinded rehearsal.

Now, back to work!


Anonymous said...

yay Myspace!
yay you!

Jer said...

Keith, you are so cute! I just realized I have a neat picture of you. I should email it. It's the one I took when we met--when I joined your table in St. Louis. If you don't get it by Monday, remind me.