Saturday, September 23, 2006

9/23 Wedding Day

Today at 5 Craig and Megan get married. I'm sure it will be lovely. It will be smaller than originally planned because several people had to cancel at the last minute. The hotel is picturesque and the company is good. And the party will be excellent.

We spent the whole day so far down town, just a few blocks away. Lots of quaint shops with fun restaurants. A farmers' market that is "to die for." Besides the organic produce, the bakery goods sure caught our eye and we sampled lots of goodies.

Had lunch in a micro-brewery--put three tables together for a bunch of us. Craig and his groomsmen came in and sampled the brew.

During lunch my brother Joe confronted me on my un-wise financial decision to quit work and move to the Red Cross. Really none of my sibs are supportive of the move. Jane said it's because everyone is worried about me. After my first, knee-jerk, defensive reaction, I shut up and listened and then calmly explained my reasoning. I said this was a smarter move than joining Doctors Without Borders which was my first choice, and what I still may do after retirement, if my good health holds out.

No one was mean to me, by the way, just expressing their opinion.

With our parents dying so young, I know there's no guarantee that I'll be around to enjoy retirement. Now is when I'm healthy. Now is when I have no familial obligations. Now is when I have the heart and the energy to go.

I'm one of the more adventurous ones of my sibs. But that's only part of why I'm doing this. The world is in such trouble--it makes me sad, depressed even. Instead of dwelling on thinking about it, I want to do my small part in making it better.

My kids know that I'm going to spend their inheritence, and they're okay with that. I'll always make sure I have enough to bury me and to buy a few kegs of beer for the wake.

As long as I'm able to have health insurance--everything will work out.

Here's who's here out of my sibs and their families--according sibs age:

Jan, Tim, Craig, Megan, Kris
John, Paulette, Matt, Beth, Blake, Tyler
Jane, Pete, Jordan, Sarah
Joe, Cindy, Cody
Jim, Karen

21 out of 46, pretty good considering it's an 8 hour drive for most of them. I'm happy to be surrounded by family, even though nearly everyone thinks I'm making an error in quitting my job and moving. Hope they're wrong. :)


Beata said...

Mom, just tell them that there is no way back now and they have to accept your new life the way it is. There is no more to it. You are doing it. Now we all just have to adjust, instead of talking "what if..." Just feel good about yourself, ok?

Jer said...

Thanks, sweetie. I love you.

Hummingbird said...

You're a brave and capable woman, Jer. Values in the right place. With that going for you, the decision to follow your passions will work.

Nothing is easy. But not being easy isn't the same as impossible.

Go for it.

Jer said...

Thanks so much. That's very kind of you. Jer

Cindy said...

here is some of my own philosophy (for what it is worth) Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and you are entitled to run your life any way you see fit! As long as you are not asking for, or expecting, their money or 'space', or infringing on their rights in anyway....DO WHAT YOU WANT! (BTW, I'm married to the big mouth that 'confronted' Jer, who like her, is not that big about talking about people behind their backs, and felt she need to hear his OPINION [which I tend to agree with, but I don't have to support you, so I don't really mind what you do with your life, any more than you would care if I changed jobs])

Jer said...

Cin, I hope that my blog entry didn't sound like a put down of Joe, because it wasn't that at all. I really appreciate the fact that he told me how he felt.

I think what still lingers is that not one person supported my decision. Like Jane said--people are worried about me. But I've made other moves that were stupid financially--when I left CPI the first time and went to BHR, I cut my salary in half. Yet it was a good move and gave me great experience.

I know the big worry is my health insurance. I have COBRA for 18 months, and hope to have another solution before then.

I love you all, and am glad you love me enough to be concerned.

Cindy said...

oh no Jer...I, in NO way thought you were slamming Joe. I know he tends to butt into his siblings affairs even if they don't ask for it (ask Andrea) I DO support whatever decision you make(even if I don't understand it) is your right to make choices that effect your life. Joe knows that, and so do I. I think even Joe will tell you he 'understands' your decision a whole lot better now, having heard your side of things. And he does worry about you. My statements were just a general...people have their opinions and others have the right not to care what they are! Like for example, when I hear joe and I do too much financially for our kids...I don't care...I am going to do it anyway,(until the day I die) but they are entitled to think it and say it, and I am entitled to happily ignore it. I still love them, and hope they feel the same.

Jer said...

Thanks, Cindy. I appreciate it.