Wednesday, September 27, 2006

9/27 Oh, I forgot...

I forgot to say that I definitely decided to go to Sanford NC for a few months to be with Rob and Beata.

I'll ship my stuff to storage in Quincy, so it will be there when I re-locate. Finding a job in Quincy (for when I'm not doing disaster work) won't be easy if I'm in NC, but it can be done. At least I can set up some interviews. But I'll be rent-free for a couple of months, and that will be awesome.

Thanks, Rob and Beata, you are very kind. (And Beata, please post on your blog about your exciting meeting.)


Beata said...

Mom, we are so excited that you've made your final decision and soon will be here, with us. The zoo is also looking forward to have their grandma around! :-) It's all going to be great!
I prefer not to post anything yet. I can tell people on the phone what's going on, but on my blog I prefer to keep it short.
Love you and can't wait to see you!

Jer said...

I just have to sell the condo. It's listed now, and they're taking pictures of it tomorrow which means I have to find a place for all my "junk" tonight. Whew. So much work.

But as soon as it's sold, I'll be ready for the move.