Wednesday, September 20, 2006

9/20 My kids are so cute...

Both of them said exactly the same thing, "Don't make snap decisions, Mom." They both love me and worry about me--yet they both say how proud they are that I'm going to do disaster work.

I knew they had spoken because they said the same thing--Rob on the east coast and Jill on the west. It warms my heart that they care so much.

I told Rob last night that the disaster mental health job wasn't a snap decision, but that I'd been too confident that my current job would also be available to me part-time and off-site. When the answer was no to that piece, I needed to make a very quick decision about where I'll live temporarily.

Can't stay in the condo because it's too expensive with mortgage and condo fees. Twice what I'd pay in rent in Quincy. And zillions more than I'd pay in rent with Rob and Beata (which is nada). They both got on the phone and made some very convincing arguements. So another (great) option has opened up. Perhaps I'll stay with them for a month or two while I investigate the "flexible job market" in Quincy.

Amazing how wonderful my children are! I am one lucky bug!


Jill & Todd Potrykus said...

Love you.

Jer said...

Ditto, kid. Love you, Mom