Saturday, May 12, 2007

5/12 Nothing

Nothing going on today. Q and I are enjoying our time at home. Early this morning we walked on the beach. Quincy doesn't like the sand much, so we spent the most time on the sidewalk. Now she's been sleeping most of the day. That's okay with me because I'm able to get some work done without a puppy underfoot.

She loves the fenced yard, but still doesn't want to be outside without me. I'm kind of forcing her to be out there alone for a few minutes. She'll get used to it soon.


Cindy said...

Kirby hates being outside alone. I think it may come from his memory of being 'locked up' in the shelter for over a year before Cody rescued him. He seems to always want us in his sight. NOW is the time for you to train Quincy to know she will be ok and you will be right there waiting on her when she comes in...Good Luck..Puppy Training is hard.

Jer said...

Now she loves being outside by herself because it's the only time she can DIG! and I meant it in capital letters. Jill gave me a good hint on how to stop it, so I started that this morning.