Saturday, May 26, 2007

5/26 More work

Tommy and Tom came back today and put up another ceiling fan and did some other work too. We didn't get as much done as I'd hoped but I can do some of it myself. My favorite thing is that I have a fan on my back porch. That will be great for warm evenings when I still want to sit outside.

Q is acting the fool right now. She keeps jumping on me with a toy in her mouth. She'll come right to my face then turn around and put her butt in my face. I swear she's laughing while she's doing it. What a character.

All my brothers and nephews are out at John's land for the weekend. They do this every Memorial Day weekend and it's a nutso experience. How do I know? Because I'm the only sister who was allowed to partake of the weekend a long time ago. I loved it, but it is indeed a surreal time. They'll come back with tons of stories and lots of inside jokes. All part of the family mythos.


Cindy said...

And Karen and Jim surprised us by bringing a special guest for the camp out.....ADAM....need I say how excited I was?!?!?!

Jer said...

Oh my, Cindy, you are so lucky. That was probably the best surprise ever.

Andrea said...

At the park, first Karen and Frank, arrived unexpectedly. A short time later, Adam appeared. It was wonderful!

Jer said...

Surprises are awesome and this ranks right up there with the best. As my 60th birthday approaches I am remembering the great surprises of my 50th birthday in Quincy. Bozarths do great work!