Sunday, May 20, 2007

5/20 A great reward

I went to buy groceries at WalMart yesterday and when I came out there was a note under my windshield wiper. (My car has Lutheran Disaster Response magnetic signs on both sides.) Here's the note:

May God bless you for blessing us! Thank you, Dave Brown

It brought tears to my eyes. Yes, we get thanked a lot by people who live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, but this was so unexpected, so random, so loving. It made my day.


Cindy said...

Ya know, If more people behaved like Mr. Brown, this world would be a much better place for ALL of us. Eric had the opportunity today to tell a past teacher that he had made a significant impact on his life...I hope it made him feel as good to say it as it did for me to hear him say it. So kudo's to Mr. Brown wherever you are!

Jer said...

I agree. At first I thought I wished I could meet him. But now I think it's best this way--just a stranger, but not a nameless one, one who put his name with his thoughts. How cool is that!