Wednesday, May 02, 2007

5/2 Happy Birthday, Kayla!

I'm in Chicago so I can't post any pictures of my sweet granddaughter, but she's a very grown up seven years old today. I remember the day of her birth. Todd called me and said, "Hello, Grandma." And I started crying.

Kayla is not only beautiful and smart, she is funny. Isn't it great when kids can make you laugh with their wit? She's great at that!

Her birthday present is sitting on the front seat of my car, parked at the train station in Quincy. Sigh. Late again.

Hope your day is as special as you are. "You're my girl, Pearl."

Got up at 4:30 yesterday morning to catch the 6:15 train in Quincy. The train ride was nice and smooth, but had to take another train from Union Station to the western suburbs, then take a bus, and walk a few blocks to the hotel. I'm glad I only had luggage for one night. :)

The gathering was interesting and fun yesterday and we had an ejoyable meal last night. I was beat and didn't join the group at the bar afterward--I hit the sack, so of course woke up early this morning.

We'll finish up around noon and then I'll reverse the travel procedure to get back to Quincy, IL. My brother-in-law Tim will pick up my dog Q at the kennel and will have her waiting for me. :)

My sister, Jan, is a saint. Meant to write that yesterday. And I promised her I wouldn't visit again until Quincy is housetrained. :)


Cindy said...

happy birthday Kayla...hard to believe you are 7 years old already....almost grown up!!!

Jer, Jan should be used to dogs that aren't housebroken at this point---she told me Rocky peed right in the bed with them. I am sure you cleaned right up after Quincy too. She sure is a cute puppy.

Jim said...

You are in the Western Suburbs of Chicago? Where are you?

Jer said...

Yeah, Cin, but it's always different when it's your dog. :) By the way I saw Kirby. He's a cutie.

Jer said...

Jim, I was near O'Hare. It was only for 24 hours so I didn't call. We had to have dinner together at night, so I didn't have any time off at all.