Sunday, May 13, 2007

5/13 Mother's Day

So the day started out perfectly. I spoke to both my kids and grandkids. They said such loving and wonderful things. I miss them all so much, but am gratified that both Rob and Jill are in loving marriages and are so happy.

Later, the most exciting thing that happened was that Quincy and I took a nap.

In the middle of the nap, the phone rang. It was our alarm system company and the alarm had gone off at work. They called the police and I said I'd be there in less than a half hour. When I got there, no cops, no anything. So Quincy and I went inside and I put in my alarm code. Everything worked normally, until I tried to put in my code to leave. Everything went haywire again.

So I quickly called the alarm company and they told me how to fix the problem. At first I thought it might have been the thunderstorm that set off the alarm. But I looked around and noticed there were some balloons floating around. That's what the problem was. Someone had left balloons in the lobby where the motion detectors are. So I put them in the kitchen for now, and will send an email to all staff reminding them about the motion detectors.

Happy Mother's Day to all.


Beata said...

Happy Mother's Day, mom!!!! I am glad you enjoyed it, with some excitement! :-) We love you soooo much!

Cindy said...

wow...that was an interesting Mother's Day for you....Quincy might be wondering what kind of Mom she got herself! Happy Mother's Day.

Jer said...

Love you too, Beata.

It was a good day. And, Cindy, it was funny that I brought Quincy with me thinking her bark might deter a burglar, but she stuck close to me and looked to me for protection. What a sweet baby. Her bark is fierce though, and soon she'll be out of the baby stage and will scare off the bad guys. Of course, the bad guys were only balloons this time. :)