Tuesday, May 15, 2007

5/15 I learned something

At the meeting this morning with FEMA and some of our construction guys, I learned that if a structure is estimated to have less than 50% damage then it doesn't need to conform to the new elevation requirements. That's critical when it comes to an organization such as ours. If a house needs to be elevated, then we basically have to start from scratch and do a "build" rather than a "rebuild." Lots of complications, not to mention lots of money.

I also learned a little about flood zones. AE means that it's a special hazard flood area. A plain X means it's not a flood zone. An X in a shaded area means it's a 500 year flood zone, so we're still okay there (as long as it's not the 500th year). :)

Quincy slept well again last night, and is at doggy daycare today. She was thrilled to arrive and see her buddies. Hope I can afford to keep this up. It's hard to keep her at home when I work since her "condition" requires she goes outside every hour and a half or so. I'd leave her in the fenced yard but she's a digger and would be to China by the time I got home from work. That worries me--she could easily dig an escape route while alone and bored. Doggy Daycare is $1.50 an hour or $10 for the day (and night). So I'll give up something else to be able to keep taking her there. What can I give up? DSL? Nope. Digital cable? Nope. Fattening food? Nope. Cleaning team? Nope, don't have one here--yet. Lawn service? Nope--gotta get rid of those fire ants and mole crickets. Hmmm...I'll have to think about how to economize.

(Am taking a few minutes this afternoon to post since I only took a 2o minute lunch....)


rob said...

Sounds like you're picking things up pretty well, mom. It's also nice to hear that Quincy has friends in doggy daycare.

Love you,

Cindy said...

glad you are learning a lot. I wish we had a good Doggie Daycare here, then I could have the kids over more often.

(I hate word verification---this is my 4th attempt)

Jer said...

Thanks, guys. I'll change the word verification, Cindy. And if I get a thousand spam comments I'll turn it back on.

Andrea said...

I hope Q doesn't take up with the wrong crowd. In dog years, he will soon be entering his teens. This is a critical time where the wrong friends could lead him up on a dangerous path! Be vigilant!

Cindy said...

don't change it for me...I seem to be the only one that has troubles with it....i think it is the p's and the q's that look the same to me.

Jer said...

There were others, Cindy. One reason my daughter doesn't post anymore is that she hated the word verification because she couldn't get it right. So no big deal.

Jer said...

Absolutely, Andrea. I think Q has the makings of a real juvenile delinquent.