Friday, September 14, 2007

9/14 A fun party

Paisly's 13th birthday party was so much fun. There were no other kids there, but she didn't care. She had a ball and was very surprised. After a great meal, topped off with cake and ice cream, she opened presents and then we played games. Everything went well, we all had a good time.

UNTIL Lorena went home. She lives in the same apartment complex as Genia (where the party was held). So on her way home she said she'd throw Genia's trash in the dumpster. A few moments later she knocked on the door, walked in, and she was deathly pale. She said, "You guys will never believe what happened. I threw the trash in the dumpster and my cell phone went with it."

We were all shocked, but giggled. And Genia, after imbibing a few glasses of wine, yelled, "Let's go dumpster diving." Luckily there were cameras, and people brought them outside. Lots of really funny pictures were taken. Can't wait to see them. Most of them are Genia's butt with her legs being held by Lorena and Paisly. We all laughed so hard we were crying.

Tomorrow morning I'm picking up Genia and then we'll get Quincy and Cookie and take them to the beach for a little while. The dogs will LOVE it!


Liza said...

I'm always dropping my cell phone in places like that, too! That's why I've always had insurance! LOL.

Jer said...

Well, you're pretty smart, sweetie. Lorena wasn't. :)

Cindy said...

I've only had to 'dumpster dive' once and that was when PPMAC's class ring went in the dumpster at So-Fro....we've been 'Forever Friends' ever since!!! (Thank heavens So-Fro didn't sell food)

Jer said...

I was just grateful that Genia jumped in so quickly, so I didn't have to make an excuse about why I didn't want to do it. :)