Sunday, September 23, 2007

9/23 Rainy day fun

It rained all day today. The puppies were good while I was at church but when I got home they were ready to play. After a bath because both of them got in the mud in the backyard, they just both went crazy in the house. Didn't hurt anything, but they were wild.

After they'd gotten muddy I opened the door, yelled at them, and Quincy went into my bathroom and jumped in the bathtub. Can't get her to stop jumping on people, but she jumps into the bathtub without being told. Pretty funny.

Cookie doesn't like the bathtub as much as Quincy, but she tolerates it. Right now they're wrestling on my bed, but at least they are clean. For now.

I watched a Food Challenge on the Food Network this afternoon. It was a challenge on making Mac and Cheese. They all looked so good--I made some myself. Used some shredded cheese I had (Colby, Monterey Jack, and Cheddar), and I had bought some fresh Asiago, so I grated some of that in the roux. It was really good. Luckily I made a lot of it, so I'll have some to take to work for lunch.

Guess that's it. Not a lot happening on this rainy, gloomy, muddy day. Singing in the choir was fun though.


Maddox said...

Ohh Jer they are gorgeous!!! I am going to add you to Maddox's blog. LOL.

See...I admire YOU for having those two--surely they are more energetic than Siberians?? Smile.


Jer said...

I lost Maddox's blog url, but want to read it. Is that his picture? If so, Quincy and Cookie would fall in love. :)

Kelly said...

I'm not a huge dog lover, but I gotta admit, they're cute little boogers!! I honestly think dogs have a little human in them. They're like little kids.

Jer said...

Definitely like little kids. Kids who love to play in the mud. :)