Sunday, September 02, 2007

9/2 Quincy is smart and I found a church

Quincy is a freaking dog genius. She and Cookie have been fighting over a chew toy all day. I've made them take turns with it, but it's not easy. And I put it away while I was at church so they wouldn't fight over it. (They really ARE like sisters.)

But Q figured out a brilliant maneuver. She goes to the door and barks. I open the door. Cookie runs out. Q stays inside and takes the toy. She's an evil genius. (Just noticed that she always wins at tug of war too, because she uses her front paws to help pull. Evil genius I say....)

I went to Mass at Our Mother of Sorrows. It's a tiny little white wooden church in the middle of East Biloxi. Brother Gene said it's about 90 percent African American. The other 10% is white and Vietnamese. It's run by the Redemptorist priests and brothers. They have another one a few blocks away that is 90% Vietnamese. (And about a mile away is the Vietnamese Martyrs Church which is Catholic too. Lots of Vietnamese shrimpers live in the area.)

I enjoyed the service. The pastor, Father Steve, seems nice. And Brother Gene is sweet. So I'm going to join the parish. It's been five years since I've joined a parish, but it's time to get back in the swing of things instead of just hit and miss on church going. So this week I'll become a member of OMOS.

Mom would say that I just made Jesus smile.


Cindy said...

You spelled 'chruch' wrong in your title, so do like Joe does and change it quick so everyone thinks i am nuts...Good to hear you are going to Mass, though I can't seem to see why it matters the nationality of the congregation, but glad you enjoyed the service.

Jer said...

The nationality of the congregation only matters because I get bored if everyone is white. I like a little "soul" added to the service. Plus, I think it's fun to learn things about different cultures.

Kelly said...

Dogs sure can be smart. I've always said Maggie and Storm are half human-they crack me up. Sounds like the two dogs will be buddies.

Jer said...

So far so good. They remain pals.