Thursday, September 20, 2007

9/20 Whatever normal is...

It's back to normal at the house. The dogs are playing crazily, eating ice, wrestling, coming up to me for some affection, then back to the craziness. It's business as usual. Yay. I sure missed the little farts.

In the picture they're sitting and waiting for a treat--the only time they sit still together.

Today was so busy and went by quickly. A colleague and I were with a VP from Austin until after lunch today, then I had to go to Hancock County for a meeting. That took up the rest of the day.

Tomorrow morning I have a breakfast meeting with someone who is the executive director of a foundation that gave us some grants. Afterward, it's back to the state office where I'll help the caseworkers move to their new digs. Maria, Willie, and I will move on Tuesday to our new office in Ocean Springs. So much to do...I'll probably work over the weekend some. But Saturday is dedicated to doing some work at home.

Sunday will be church, then I'll come home, get the puppies, and take them to the office with me. That will probably stop them from writing comments on my blog.

(Can't wait to sing with the choir on Sunday.)

Oh, keep watching the weather. We're getting a little nervous about what's brewing in the Gulf.

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