Wednesday, September 19, 2007

9/19 Dogless

The dogs are at the kennel because I had a late meeting and just got home. I'll pick them up tomorrow after work.

Right after work I went to choir practice at church. It was awesome. And the director told me I did a great job as an alto. The choir is going to Detroit next week to sing at a major event. Didn't catch the details because I had to leave early to go to a dinner meeting at 7:30 at Mary Mahoney's.

It's an old, old French restaurant with a 2,000 year old live oak tree in front of it. (Nope, the restaurant isn't 2,000 years old, just the tree.) The food was great. We have a visitor from Austin here, and wanted to take him to this restaurant. It's our favorite for new people to experience.

I miss my puppies. Hope I can sleep without them trying to push me out of bed.


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Yeah, sorry...I don't speak dog.