Wednesday, September 05, 2007

9/5 A pain in the neck

Finally called the doctor today after being in pain for weeks. My admin assistant threatened me. He's a former Marine and said he was going to call my son and let him know I wasn't taking good care of myself. That scared me enough to make me call.

Funny thing was--my doc is out of town for a week. The doctor on call told the nurse to call in some pain meds for me. I'm buzzing but the pain isn't gone. If it doesn't feel any better in a few days I'm to call back in.

I re-injured it lifting my couch on Sunday. I feel so grateful though--I have some great friends here who have offered to help me in any way I need it. My house is so messy though that I refuse to have anyone over to help. Will wait until I feel a bit better and will try vacuuming again. When I did that on Sunday it made it hurt worse.

What a dork!


Kelly said...

I don't think I could lift my couch if I wanted to. I can slide it out from the wall to vacuum and collect toys that have taken up residence back there but even that is pushing it.
Be careful.

Jill & Todd Potrykus said...

You're supposed to be resting and getting better... lifting a couch... doesn't sound like resting to me. Maybe Rob should be there to watch over you and make sure you are taking care of yourself. Love you tons mom, feel better soon.

Jer said...

It sounds like more than it was, Kelly. I lifted one end of the couch in order to get a rug out from under it. So I should have said "lifting the end of the couch." No way could I lift the whole thing either.

Jer said...

No, I don't need Rob. :)If he were here I wouldn't be allowed to do anything. Love you too, sweetie. Mom