Thursday, September 06, 2007

9/6 Falling apart

The pain meds caused a bad reaction. Throwing up, dizziness, and headache--worse than the original symptoms. :) So I quit taking them. This morning went to work for a few hours, but had to come home.

Plus Cookie has conjunctivitis.

It's a strange world when Quincy is the healthiest one in the house.


Andrea said...

Maybe you'd do better with a prescription drug that was more like Ibuprofen. It relieves the pain without affecting the brain.
A muscle relaxer would help too, if you could take it and just stretch out in a comfortable position.

Jer said...

Thanks, Andrea. This drug was one I hadn't taken before, I don't think it's all that strong but I just had a reaction. (Am not supposed to take ibuprofen because of my stupid stomach.) The good news is that my shoulder is improving. Just taking time, and gentle stretching.