Friday, September 07, 2007

9/7 Fun

Today was good. I left the dogs alone from 9-1, from 1:30-4:30, and from 6:30-9:30. And they both did so well. They made a mess of my bedroom--a total mess. But they just tore up their own toys, and nothing of mine. So I can't complain. Except I'll have to buy more toys. :)

Tonight I went to dinner with a friend and then to the Hard Rock Casino for a while, where I promptly lost all the money I'd set aside for gambling. Gone. Ah, well. There'll be another time.

Tomorrow night I'm having people over to teach them how to play Texas Hold'em. Then Sunday I have a BBQ to go to. But next Sunday I'm going to enter a poker tournament in the afternoon at Hard Rock. I'm excited about that.


Jill & Todd Potrykus said...

Glad to see your getting some fun in that busy schedule of yours. Have a great time this weekend.

Jer said...

Thanks< sweetie. It's good to have fun things to do.

nancie said...

Jer -- have you thought of crating the puppies? I don't crate Cricket, but I have in the past (and will in the future) if necessary. My daughter Rachel does for her two and when I have with Cricket, she adjusts quickly and is happy and calm. They are den animals by nature and with their comfort toys, lambswool pads, etc. aren't unhappy. There have been times when I've had Rachel's two and Cricket lined up in their individual crates. They are just fine and happy.

Just a thought... saves the bedroomo.


Jer said...

Thanks, Nancie, but Cookie chewed my glasses while I was in the same room. My dumb luck. And just wait until I write about what happened this morning. Oy vey! (BTW, I have no objection to crating, and did with Quincy until she was housetrained. I will again if she and/or Cookie destroy things while I'm gone or have accidents.)