Saturday, September 22, 2007

9/22 The storm didn't come--yet

We're very grateful that the tropical depression did not turn into a tropical storm. I still have the 10 AM conference call--I guess there might be something else brewing for next week. I'll find out.

Here are some pictures from young Paisley's birthday party last week.

I tried to post some pictures from the dumpster diving episode yesterday but they were sent bitmap for some reason and I can't change them to jpg or gif, so they won't post. I'll try to figure out something else.


Cindy said... of a birthday on a day we are having a Birthday here too...HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDAN, and happy birthday to your friend.

Jer said...

Paisley's only in 7th grade, and she moved here with her mom so Angie could work with the Red Cross. But I can't believe Jordan is 18 today. Amazing.