Friday, April 11, 2008

4/11 Yay and ugh and ow and yum

Today was my short day and I'm really happy. Didn't sleep well last night. Between Quincy's diarrhea and my back, it was a rough night. So yay, I got home around 1:15.

The dogs got so muddy this afternoon that they've already had to get in the shower twice. Ugh.

I put away two boxes worth of "stuff" (another yay). And in leaning down and up and down and up, I aggravated my back (ow).

On the stove is simmering a big pot of vegetarian minestrone. (Yum.) And I'll end with that.


Cindy said...

ah, the aches(back)and pains (dog baths) of growing older! Hang in there!

Jer said...

Yeah, Quincy had one more bath before the day is through. The sump pump in the basement empties right behind the house and Q thinks it's her personal spa. :)

Cindy said...

(smile) we should all have a personal spa!