Sunday, April 27, 2008

4/26 Another great day in SoCal

Am in my hotel room with Jill, Kayla, and Hunter. Told Bruce that only my family could trump his performance. :)

Had a great morning with Suzanne and Debbie going to several yard sales throughout Newport Beach and Costa Mesa. Then Nancie and I went for a bonding experience--manicures and pedicures. We then met up with the gang at the Balboa Pier where we ate at Ruby's Diner, a divine greasy spot of heaven. Yum.

Then our boat ride for 90 minutes throughout the harbor. We saw tons of sea lions and tons of famous people's homes or former homes. It was a delightful time. Robbie called me while I was on the boat. We couldn't talk long because it was too loud where I was. And my friends and I all got temporary frog tattoos on the pier. Rob (Hutch's son) got his right on his forehead. How fun!

Following that we went to Torin's beach house. Oh, my what a beautiful spot. And he's such a nice guy. Deb and I went to put the enchiladas in the oven and discovered there was no oven. We called Joanne who called Torin. It just so happened he was upstairs in the family's part of the beach house and he graciously allowed us to use his oven. His daughter Tiana was there and we became fast friends. After my grandkids arrived they all played together. And Bruce's Shannon's kids are adorable....I especially love Kenzie. Kayla said Kenzie was "so cool, Grandma." She played so well with the little ones, watching them and keeping them safe on the beach.

Debbie's enchiladas were excellent. As was Hutch's wine tasting. Yum. I only got to sample two kinds, but they were so tasty. Lisa did a quiz again and will hand out the prizes tomorrow at Ruth's house.

Most everyone is at Bruce's performance. I am sorry to be missing it--he is SO GOOD. But as I said, time with Jill and the kids trumps just about everything. We're watching the movie Happy Feet, with happy hearts.


Jill & Todd Potrykus said...

Thanks again for a great time. Glad we could meet up with you if only for 1 night. The kids had so much fun on the beach. Travel safe and hope you enjoyed the last few activities with you pals.

Jer said...

It was wonderful spending time with you guys. Love you.