Friday, April 25, 2008

4/25 What a fun day

I got up at 1:30 AM pacific time, so I'm really winding down fast. My friend Debbie picked me up around 10:45 AM. By the time we got to Newport Beach it was lunchtime. We couldn't find any of our friends so we found a fun spot near the beach and had some great salads. Then we went back to the hotel and up to the sun roof while waiting for my room to get ready. The hotel is a boutique hotel. Rather small and old, and entirely delightful. We went to Joanne's son's beach house which is FANTASTIC and right on the beach. Tomorrow night Debbie is making dinner for all of us there. Jill and the kids will join us then and I'll be thrilled.

Friends joined us and we played games on the sun roof. It was really fun. We all went to our "meeting suite" as well, and caught up on each other's lives.

Tonight we went to the crab cooker for dinner. Absolutely nothing for vegetarians, except a few sides--romano potatoes, cole slaw, and sliced tomatoes. It made a surprisingly good dinner. Everyone else supped on various kinds of seafood.

Then back to the suite where we chatted and drank.

Tomorrow morning early, Debbie, Suzanne, and I are going to some upscale yard sales. Then, Nancie and I are going for pedicures. After that we'll all meet for lunch on the pier at Ruby's, followed by a boat tour. Finally to the beach house for dinner and fun. Jill and the kids are staying over with me at the hotel, and I can't wait.

The weather here is perfect, and the view is even better. More tomorrow.

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