Wednesday, April 02, 2008

4/2 Owwwwww!!!!!

I was making dinner and all of a sudden Quincy went crazy. I thought she was having a seizure or something. She was flailing so badly she knocked me over. And oh my I hurt!

Her collar got hooked on the handle of one of the lower cabinets, and she panicked. So knocking me over wasn't her fault at all. That doesn't make it hurt any less however.

This sucks though because tonight I had a little energy left over from work, and had planned to get some stuff put away tonight. I still may do it as soon as the ibuprofen takes effect. We'll see.

But in the meantime...ow!

(Prior to that, I went in the backyard and practiced their new skills they learned last night. It went well. Cookie needed a little re-training, but Quincy remembered everything.)


Cindy said...

Cody won't let Kirby wear a collar in the house....I know for training they should, but he just doesn't feel Kirby is comfy.....Kirby is spoiled.

I hope Cookie has recovered mentally, and hopefully you will feel better physically soon....we just don't bounce back like we did a few years ago, do we?

Jer said...

It was Quincy, and she's fine. I actually feel worse today. Yuck.