Monday, April 21, 2008

4/21 He's doing a little better

The femur was broken in four places instead of three. Poor Pete. He's got a rod in his leg from his hip to his knee, plus staples and a pin. He's in a lot of pain. We're all visiting a lot, and I don't know if that's helping him or not. Hope so. :)

Quincy and Cookie sent him a plant with a note that said, "They won't let us visit you. We are really, really, really, really sorry." He liked the note a lot.

Today is my 12 hour day and my last client just left and I'm on my way home in a moment. I'm so tired I won't want to turn on the computer, so thought I'd write a note here at work.

And it's true--I don't have any fingerprints. The fingerprint gal said that it's very common in women, as they age they tend to lose fingerprints. She said I may pass DCFS, but will definitely not pass the FBI. So when they kick my form back, I'll have to re-do it. But I won't have regrown fingerprints so I don't know what we'll do. Butt prints maybe? I sure have a lot of butt.

This morning Cookie ran away. Joe heard me calling for her and we spent 15-20 minutes chasing her from 17th and Oak to 18th and Broadway and back. She sure is a fast little monkey. When I drove around the corner after searching with my car, Joe was standing in front of my house with Cookie. I am so grateful and told Joe he's my hero. And that's the truth.


Cindy said...

You have to know Joe loves you now Jer because we all know how he feels about dogs. He told Marcia[our neighbor]tonight that if I were to die, Kirby would be gone before he even bought me a casket!!! I'm glad he could be your hero today though. He does have a heart when he is given a chance. :-)

Jer said...

And we know he wasn't serious about Kirby. He loves that little critter. Did you know that a few days ago my dogs followed you and Kirby through the college and all the way to your alley. I kept yelling CINDY!!!!! do you wear headphones when you walk your dog?

Cindy said...

yes...I do wear them and it is the only time I ever play music loudly. It drowns out the traffic and it washes away my day.

And seriously, Joe does NOT like dogs. Even Kirby. He knows I need him there for me, so he puts up with him. If it were up to Joe there would be NO MORE pets of any kind.

Jeff said...

Trust me, Joe does not like dogs. I have seen him go out of his way just to insult them. Horrible things, like..... Your mother was a schnauzer...... Your father licks his balls...... You look like Jay. Just horrible things.

Jer said...

Okay, Jeff, you convinced me.