Thursday, April 24, 2008

4/24 In St. Louis

I arrived a short while ago. My flight leaves at 6 AM, so I'll need to get to the airport by 4:30. That's why I'm in St. Louis tonight instead of Quincy.

Jill called tonight, and so did my friend Debbie. I can't wait to see Jill and the kids on Saturday. And Debbie will pick me up at the airport tomorrow morning. I'll be with my writer friends in Orange County until Monday morning (early). I'm sure hoping for a relaxing weekend.

Now that I'm out of Quincy I can start complaining again about my bursitis or sciatica or whatever the hell it is. My right leg felt almost paralyzed when I tried to walk after driving for two hours. I want this shit to end. Okay, I'm done.

Pete is in rehab now. I bet he can't wait until he gets home.

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