Tuesday, April 15, 2008

4/15 Sorry

I just can't post on most Mondays. It's my 12-hour day and I'm so busy. Today is extremely busy too, but I'm on my lunchtime and can take a few minutes. The dogs stayed at Alpha Dog last night like they do every Monday night, but I'm having them stay tonight too.

Someone is taking us to the Patio for dinner, and I wouldn't have time to pick up the girls from the kennel prior to dinner. So I'll do almost anything for a good meal. Haven't been to the Patio since I've been back in Quincy. Of course it's not really a free meal because I'm paying for the kennel, but my reasoning makes it okay. :) I do miss the girls though, especially at night. They are such good company, except...the mud thing. But this summer that shouldn't be much of a problem--or in the winter--spring though is ridiculous with mud. But the pups are worth it.

Quincy ate the top of the trash can. And I was in the next room. Ah, puppies....

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Cindy said...

Maybe Elizabeth with let Cookie and Quincy eat on her Patio....not quite the same though is it?

Enjoy dinner.