Thursday, October 14, 2004

10/14 Poor, poor elephant!

When Kayla returned to Los Angeles with her family, she left a stuffed elephant in the sleeping bag at Grandma's house. Two weeks ago I sent it to her via UPS. Also in the package was the newspaper her picture appeared in, and a little plastic kickstand to Hunter's toy motorcycle. All told worth about $10. Cost me more than $9 to ship. Not a huge investment, except when you think about a four-year-old girl who asks every day why it's taking so long for her elephant to come home.

UPS today told us that the package was found, and it was empty. I understand that someone who is a thief is going to open whatever package he or she wants to find something valuable. But when they found a toy elephant, why in the world wouldn't they just put it with the empty box.

So today, when UPS faxes me the claim form I'm going to say I don't want any money, but what I would like is for them to send Kayla a soft, stuffed elephant and a note of apology. We'll see if that happens.


Bron said...

that makes me so mad!! I hate that people can get away with stealing things from the mail... GRRRR
Poor Kayla... let me know if they do what you ask

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

I found out it may be up to eight days before I get the fax. They're investigating the theft. But I'll definitely post on whether I get what I want.

The Customer Service woman was very kind, and she really hated that Kayla was waiting for her elephant.