Sunday, November 28, 2004

11/28 Another weekend

I worked a lot this weekend at CSz. Most of it was fun. Friday had some rough patches including a drunk going backstage and coming out onto the stage. He ended up being thrown out (not physically). It was the first time I ever saw someone "dismissed" from the arena. Young kid. Bunch of them came in a bus to celebrate someone's 21st birthday. Birthday boy's mom was there too to ensure everyone stayed semi-sensible. Didn't work.

Also Friday night the cash register "froze" with all my money and receipts in it. Ugh. I couldn't balance the show and that was frustrating.

But Saturday matinee was great. I love working that show. The kids are adorable and really enjoy CSz. I think that's a show I could perform in and do well.

Speaking of that, in our paychecks was a note that some new people will be moving up to the Minors. I know it's not me because no one has spoken to me. But that does mean some of my friends will be going. That is very cool. Can't wait to find out who they are.

Today is laundry day, wrapping presents day and football day. Hate one, love the next and LOVE the last.


Bron said...

how did someone manage to get backstage?? woah!

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

He pretended he was going out to the bathroom, but instead went into the employee entrance which leads to the green room and then a quick trip through backstage and voila!

Bron said...

that's so odd! Why would anyone do that... or is this one of those things associated with drink that I dont get

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

Yes. He was totally out of control and oblivious to his actions.

Anonymous said...

As for football, Jer, I know what you the chance to catch the Eagles-Giants game on Sunday and it totally reminded me how much I used to enjoy vegging in front of a football game. It was great to watch the hometown team beat the New Yorkers, especially Eli Manning.

Glad your holiday was so nice! Talk to you soon.

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

Great to see you, Gretchen. Haven't noticed you posting much on the forums.

Yes, they don't let you live in WI unless you love football and swear undying allegiance to the Packers. There are a few people who slipped through, but most of us are wearing green and gold today. Jer