Saturday, August 15, 2009

8-15 Back home

After a fantastic vacation, I'm back to normal. (Normal?) Am working on publishing photos on Facebook, but am running into just a little trouble. I promise they'll be there by tomorrow.

Today was great--my sisters, niece Sarah, and I volunteered at HELP which is a back to school extravaganza, providing many needed services for kids going back to school. Back to school physicals, sports physicals, dental exams, clothing, haircuts, school supplies and backpacks, and probably more--all these services were offered today. It was wonderful. The other family members have been doing it for four or five years, but this is my first one. Won't be my last.

Then afterward a whole bunch of us met at Cassano's for Jane's belated birthday lunch. It was fun and delicious.

Tonight's article is: Euthanasia: Australian with quadraplegia has right to die.


Casey Freeland said...

Sounds great miss. We're in the last gush of activity before school starts tomorrow. Well, actually we're just sitting here, watching Spongebob, thinking about what we need to do. :)


Cindy said...

No one told me it was for Jane's birthday....I'd have brought a gift.....oh wait, I got to have dinner with her on her REAL Birthday, so it's all good.=] Glad you enjoyed your trip to see Jill and your grandkids, and good work helping with the back to school project for the needy in the community.