Sunday, December 08, 2013

Writing news

I'm pleased to announce that my next book, Any Meat in That Soup?, will be coming out later this month. Hopefully it will be in time for Christmas. I'm going to have a special sale on the first book in the series--Who Killed My Boss? That way, if  you haven't read the first one you'll have a chance to get both of them.

Having a hard time uploading a picture from my iPad, but when I get home I'll be able to publish the cover art.

I received some edits from my publisher and am busy going through those. At the same time I'm grading papers from the university course I teach, and also working on two other books. One is the third in the Samantha Darling series, and the second is a Silo story from Hugh Howey's world of Wool.

My publisher is awaiting Any Meat in That Soup? so she can get it to the formatters for uploading to Amazon. Additionally I've given her Reality Is Murder to look at. It's a stand-alone mystery that I absolutely love. It's not written in my first-person, cozy voice. It's third person, and I hope is a little scary.

Lots going on in my writing life. And I love it. The only bad thing about it is that it's a solitary occupation. For an extrovert like me, it's difficult to take. Part of the reason I write at Panera, I guess.

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Dave said...

How many gigs can one woman have? WTG on all the writing, especially.