Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Not much

I've been writing at least 500 words per day. It doesn't seem like much, but with the rehearsals for Mary Poppins, plus learning my lines, 500 words is plenty.

I do think there will be a day when all I do is write. As soon as the characters tell me who gets murdered, and who did the deed, the words will just flow. Until then, I write some "filler" scenes, waiting for the action to happen.

Some people think it's funny that I don't have an outline or don't know what really is going to happen in the book. I have the idea of where the book will take place and who the characters are, but that's about it. As the characters become more and more "real" to me, they let me know who is going to die and finally who the murderer is. I get quite excited when that happens.

I'll let you know when I know. Nope, won't tell you who, but will tell you that I have it figured out.

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