Tuesday, August 16, 2016

8/16 It's moving along

Up to 8500 words in Who Dies Next? If I didn't have other jobs besides writing I would keep going today. The plot seems to be flowing, and I'm enjoying the ride.

It's only Chapter 6 and I already know who one of the villains is. Yeah, I think there might be two. Or maybe more. They'll let me know as I write.

I so enjoy finding out about who is who as my fingers fly across the keyboard. One of my main flaws is that I'm always going back to fix typos. Common writing wisdom is not to edit as you write the first draft. My problem is that I'm worried I'll forget what the word was really supposed to be. So this slows me down. However, the process seems to be working for me.

This is book 7, but actually 9 when you count the two compilations. Triple Trouble Too is in process and it contains books 4 through 6: Will You Marry Me?; Where Is Henderson?; and Who's the Rogue? It's quite an exciting endeavor to see three of my books in one volume. Plus it will be a bargain!

Okay, off to work on one of my other jobs—teaching at Quincy University. Classes start on Monday and I have a lot of preparing to do. More later.

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