Sunday, June 12, 2005

6/12 Family matters

My nephew Craig has been in an accident in Columbus OH. He was working under a car, and the jack gave way. The car fell on him. He passed out, but luckily someone was with him and was able to jack the car up right away. We don't know much yet. He definitely has bruised lungs, but I don't know about any other injuries. If horrible and painful bruises are the extent, we are so very lucky.

He's one of my godchildren.

Right after Jan and Tim moved back to Quincy and built a new home, this happens. Craig talked once of following his parents closer to the "family enclave." Maybe he will move now. Don't know. But right now all I care about is that he'll be okay.

I should hear something tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Thinking positive thoughts for you and your loved ones, Jer! -- Gretchen

Jer said...

Thanks so much, Gretchen. I just now got an email from Craig's twin sister, Kristen. She said it's bruised lungs and lacerated ear. But he was unconscious 2 or 3 minutes so they are still checking him out.